Yeah, so I’m the worst person at keeping up with blogs, as I’ve literally said any time I’ve started a blog. I will write one uncomfortably personal post talking about a lot of things and then just completely forget about the whole thing and move on. I’d long accepted and feared that that was my attitude towards things and would always be. And the… I got diagnosed with ADD!

I never went to the doctor as a kid, and lived with my head buried inside a book, so I’m not really surprised no one ever caught it till now. Apparently kids can learn coping mechanisms to make up for their problems? Which I guess is what I did. I legitimately cannot recall a point in my life in which I honestly cared at all about a school project, often missing assignments. Even now, I’m completely ignoring a movie that by all rights is fun and engaging – I just have no interest in it now that I know what it’s about. Anyway, the diagnosis was really good for me, because I realized that those shitty parts of me that irritated a lot of people and I struggled with were actually things I could work on and improve. So I start therapy in September. Yay!

So then┬áKrista started ribbing me the other week about all my failed blog experiments, and I laughed, but then I realized something. I could start to learn to discipline myself by writing regularly! So then I set about finding a new blog name. But then I found this one, and the mangled paraphrasing of Bob Dylan’s words made me laugh, cause I realized the name described the way I feel a lot of the time,┬ácontradictory in essence. So suck it ADD, I’m going to make myself people! Starting………………………… now, I guess? Cool.